Pride Month

Pride Month

Pride Month

This month we celebrated Inspiring LGBTQIA+ Leaders in our Rising Filipinas community!

PrideMonth celebrates the many historical, societal, and cultural contributions made by the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual) community. 

Pride promotes dignity, equal rights, self affirmation and focuses on increasing society’s awareness of the issues the LGBTQIA+ community face.

We have remarkable LGBTQIA+ leaders of our community who continue to inspire and uplift others with their incredible work.

Their dedication to equality, acceptance, and advocacy has paved the way for positive change and empowered individuals across the world.

We used the month of June to focus on the importance of continued Allyship. As we continue to learn and advocate for one another, let's challenge ourselves to think about how we're evolving from being allies to one or some, and allies for all.

We honor diversity, equality, and love in all its beautiful forms at Rising Filipinas.

This Pride Month, we stand united, empowering every voice and embracing every color of the rainbow.

Here are some incredible individuals who are making a difference:

Dr. Angelica Cortez, a strategist, civic innovator, and cultural worker, is a Silicon Valley 40 under 40 honoree. She serves as the Senior VP of JEDI at Pacific Clinics, California's largest mental health nonprofit, and is the Executive Director of LEAD Filipino. Dr. Cortez founded LEAD Filipino in 2015, a San José-based nonprofit providing culturally responsive programs and education. Instagram: @fancygelz

Bretman Rock is a Filipino-American social media star, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur. With a large following on YouTube and Instagram, he is known for his makeup tutorials and comedic content. He appeared in Vogue Philippines, and featured in Playboy magazine. He promotes self-love and body positivity. Instagram: @bretmanrock

Kalaya'an Mendoza is a Queer, Filipino American human rights defender and community safety
trainer. He empowers activists worldwide to advocate for human rights through grassroots organizing and nonviolent direct action.As the Director of Mutual Protection at Nonviolent Peaceforce and co-founder of Across Frontlines, he inspires change and promotes holistic safety. Instagram: @kalamendoza

Dr. Kevin Nadal is a renowned scholar and advocate for Filipino American, Asian Pacific American, ethnic minority, and LGBTQ communities.Dr. Nadal has authored influential publications, created assessment scales, and held leadership roles in organizations dedicated to mental health and social justice. Instagram: @kevinnadal

Michelle Dee is a trailblazing figure in the pageant world, as the first openly bisexual Miss Philippines. She has become a symbol of inclusivity and empowerment. Her success in modeling, acting, and pageantry has not only garnered recognition but also inspired others to embrace their true selves and break barriers. Instagram: @michelledee

Mike is a certified professional men's coach with a background in education and coaching young people. He creates safe spaces for men to explore themselves and live authentic lives. Mike has partnered with renowned companies, delivered a Kollective Hustle talk, and is a Senior Facilitator at EVRYMAN. Instagram: @mike.sagun

Romeo Garcia is a co-founder of Kubo LB and a passionate advocate for social justice. As an educator, community organizer, and social entrepreneur, he focuses on supporting low-income, first-generation students, students with disabilities, recently-arrived immigrants, and LGBTQ+ community members. Instagram: @theamihanfarm

We believe in a world where everyone is seen, heard, and loved for who they are. 

Happy Pride Month!

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