Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to equip the next generation leaders by providing educational, relational, and financial resources. Connects career-minded individuals with successful Filipina role models who radiate positive ideals and represent the larger Filipina community, and addresses the social, political, and economic issues facing WOC today. Female leaders promotes the development of a professional network, introduces mentoring opportunities, and inspires women to reaffirm their commitment to their profession identity and goals.  

Our Values

- Youth-Centered – We are created for young people, by young people. Youth shape and sign off on every decision we make.

- Trust – We see the best in people, and work from a place of empowerment rather than control. We trust others, and honor the trust put in us through kindness, communication, and transparency.

- Equity – Equity is not just something we live by, but commit to create. We prioritize those who are historically overlooked.

- Belonging – Our movement is designed to unite. We actively celebrate our collective diversity, and consider it our superpower. Anyone who shares our values is welcome to join.

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